Heidee Austria, founder and CEO of RACE Training and Review Center, started as an IELTS lecturer in another review center. After leaving her post, she still got a lot of requests for private tutorials. She accommodated some of those requests because they were friends. The only intention was to help them prepare for their exams. However, soon after, they started recommending other friends and before she knew it, her one-on-one tutorials had grown into a group class. That was when she decided to officially form the review center.


RACE Training and Review Center aims to provide excellent exam preparation courses and continuing education program for the enrichment of knowledge and enhancement of skills.


Our goal is to become a center for excellence in trainings and review committed to high-standard development of professionals, students, and skilled workers.

What People Say

Highly recommended review center. I always attend the one on one review every afternoon,unlimited homework for writing and reading.I pushed myself to do as much writing as I can.I’m so glad because ma’am Heide was so patient in checking all my requested writing activities.She’s so helpful and approachable.I passed the IELTS in 2017.

Nerissa Mayo

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Highly recommend this review center…Ma’am Heidee is so good at explaining how to write the essays in the way that it’s simple to understand esp. for someone like me who’s not that good in writing and needs a score of 7 😱….She was so patient and very accommodating. Another good thing about the review center is the mock exams. I really tried my best to attend the mock exams even though I was tired from duty or have no sleep coming from a night shift. It helped me a lot in passing my exam and was happy with the result that I got. Thank you for helping me get the IELTS score I needed for UK ma’am Heidee!

Kaye Mendoza

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Thank you to my RACE family for helping and supporting me all throughout my IELTS journey. The classes were fun and interesting. My desired scores was quite unrealistic for my abilities but i made it with the help of the instructors who generously and patiently shared their knowledge and expertise to their students. Thank you for boosting my confidence and encouraging me to take this milestone possible. May God bless your hearts and beautiful souls. ❣🙏💟🙏❣Take care😘

Faith Mae Rodriguez

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